There is nothing as refreshing on a hot summer day than a generous sip of frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt bars are popping up all over the country, most of them are providing the self-service option in which customers are given the opportunity to build their own yogurt Sundaes which are then charged by how much they weigh. You too can own your own yogurt franchise. Frozen yogurt was first made in the Seventies as a healthier alternative to ice cream. However, at first, people complained that it was tart hence it did not fair very well. But it made a comeback after the development of better flavors in the eighties, and it has been growing strong ever since. This is wonderful news for the frozen yogurt franchise business. This franchise has become more popular than ever, and it comes in all kinds of different styles, flavors, and varieties. There seems to be a new franchise coming up on every corner, but this does not mean that the market is over saturated with frozen yogurt franchises. 

The key to a frozen yogurt franchise that is successful is to find a location that does not yet have a self- service yogurt bar. Self-service yogurt shops are still successful even when in proximity to traditional yogurt shops due to the novelty of the idea and the wide range of flavors that it provides. 

However, before you open a franchise, be sure that you have all the resources you need so as to make it a success. Ensure that you have saved up enough money that you can invest in your business and support yourself as you wait for the smoothie franchises business to pick up. 

Building a frozen yogurt franchise is more than the financial investment. You will also need to invest a lot of your time in research and training and effort as you carry out this endeavor. If you are not ready to make that commitment, then you should most likely explore other alternatives. Learn how to open a frozen yogurt business. 

When you open your own yogurt franchise, you can't just consider the success of your own business. You must also think about the business' effect on the reputation of the franchise as a whole. In the end, if you put all your effort to increase the perception of the public of the brand, it will help you too. 


Most people love frozen yogurt, so hopefully, you will never lack customers. However, you have to make an effort to retain your customers by providing them with the best customer service. They will keep coming back. Read to gain more details about franchising.